Kamirth is partly jungled, but most of that is overgrowth from the parts that connect to the sea. The rest of it is a desert and mountains. Most people call it a wasteland, but those who live there know how to survive.

The predominant people are an insect like race named the Aran that get along well with neighbours, though most who don’t know what they are flee or attack on sight. The desert is often considered their, because they are the only species truly able to survive there, and they are the only reason any one else even attempts to. The remaining peoples are usually traveling groups of nomadic humans, elves, and halflings. The is a band of orcs that settled along one border, they have agreements with most of the peoples in Kamirth, and offer protection is needed.

Deep in the desert is the ‘hive’ of the Aran, if proper respect is given some are allowed to approach and give donations to the queen in exchange for an impossible elixir that is said to do remarkable things and changes based on the situation. However if the supplicators are not respectful or insult them in some way, the insects will drive them out of their lands, and none of the traveling groups, or the orcs, will help those forced out.

In a tiny region in the south, called the Sun Hills, is an roving encampment of Tiefling. Generally they raom the savanas hunting food, then returning to their home, however they will occasionally visit the jungle near M’el, and even go into the city proper if they need to trade.Though in most lands they would be considered at best a pest, at worst a threat, in Kamirth they are welcome. The Aran know what it is like to be despised and shunned, and so have no problem letting the Tieflings live in their desert.


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