Tibnor Biren


Tibnor Biren is a strange, short half-elf. Unlike most of the elves on this continent, he is very pale, with a blue tinge, and blue hair. He is equipped with a variety of weapons and always carries around an assortment of his glass-wares.


From his birth Tibnor Biren had an odd life, he was born in the northeast, in a land no one bothered to name. His birth heralded great things for he was born exactly at midnight and on his forehead was imprinted the alchemical symbol for silver. His mothers were excited, he was their youngest and likely their last child. Growing up he had a fairly regular childhood, staving off a common disease, grubbing around in trash heaps, however, once he turned 13 he was apprenticed to an Oculist. This changed his life as he later discovered a long forgotten trade secret that produced true seeing spheres, and eventually became a master of his craft.

When he was twenty-three he saved a sentient dagger from being destroyed, and it pledged its life to aid him. A few years later he was struck with wanderlust and decided to wander the continent. Eventually, he came to Erua and would sell his wares, garnering much fame for his name and products. For now, he wanders northern Erua with his llama, Karma.

Tibnor Biren

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