Woo its been a long time

I totally forgot to do this a month ago

Nemeia and Rhiadden begin their day long travel back to Katalal. Going along the road they pass into the town of Coulsburn and notice a crowd of people surrounding a strange looking half-elf. As they approached they noticed the people were excited, and that the elf seemed to be pulling a way a bit. Nemeia tried to climb a wall in order to get a better view, but ended up just scrabbling at wall in vain. Rhiadden went and asked a member of the crowd standing on the edge, learning the elf’s name was Tibnor Biren, and that he was a master craftsman of glass and other products. They approached him to ask about various things, and he continuously tried to sell them various spheres of glass. Despite not wanting any, they convince him to travel with them Katalal, he becomes very excited at the prospect of visiting the grand market.

Once they get to Katalal they decided to head to Nemeia’s friend Nemie’s obscure animal store. They know Nemeia’s old employers will likely be looking for her, and figure they should get as much info as they can. On the way they encounter two guards chasing a koblod. Rhiadden intervenes, stopping the kobold short, and returning him to the guards. They thank her, though are a little off put by all of her questions. Eventually they get on their way again, arriving a Nemie’s Animal Emporium without trouble.

While there things appear to be normal, with Nemie warning them that the gang is looking for Nemeia, however when she goes to pet Nemeia’s jub jub bird she slips a note into her hand. Nemeia leaves the store to wait outside while Tibnor buys hay for his llama and Rhiadden and Mrs. Goldbeast get their heads stuck in animal feed while looking around.

Nemeia reads the note, and is surprised that nemie is warning her that the gang likely knows she is there already because they’ve been watching the store. She looks up and around, noticing two suspicious looking characters, who fortunately do not notice her. She returns inside to want her friends, (and disentangle Rhiadden from whatever she’s gotten into now. They als go back outside, Tibnor first and a bit ahead so as to make it seem like they are separating.

As Tibnor follows the thugs at a distance they enter a small courtyard. Tibnor decideds to intervene and distract them while Nemeia and Rhiadden go around and through a back alley to come at them from behind. The thugs are rather unimpressed with Tibnor, and further confused by all the glass balls he tries to push onto them. He expounds upon the many uses of these spheres, and tells them he will demonstrate, pulling out a modified bow and putting on of the spheres in place. He aimed high into the air, the two gang members looked at each other in confusion before the tiny crystal sphere hurtled down and miraculously hit one in the temple, bouncing off and hitting the other just next to the eye. Far behind him Nemeia and Rhiadden looked at each other in confusion, wondering at what had just happened.

Its not everyday you see a craftsman with a llama take out two gang members with only a small sphere of tempered glass.

We left off at the search of the thugs, finding a small map to what is supposedly their base, and the players figuring out where it leads to and deciding they should take care of them.



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