Chief Pantheon/Deities

Uana, the Caring Mother; N : creation, destruction
Additional: influence, sex

Segrell, of the Blackheart; N : balance, retribution, self belief
Additional: worship, heroism

Ilphas, the Gatherer of Lost Ones; CG : child death, innocence
Additional: jokes

Krellro, the Joyful God; CN : music, death
Additional: enjoyment – however you want

Enedan, She Who Moves with the Wind; NG : curiosity and risk, flight
Additional: bows, birds.

Kithm’Ra; LG : moon, future and technology, family
Additional: dusk, were creatures

Thetrer; LG : sun, strength, glory
Additional: dawn, valour, battle

An-Yhath; LN : sensuality, control, power
Additional: order

Jastra Fi; N : dichotomy of light and dark, hidden depths.
Additional: the other, the pure, night and day

Mithtish; CN : magic, fae, transformation
Additional: the outer realms, dreams

Ailre’Oron Skywatcher; N : prophetic knowledge, foresight, willpower
Additional: stars

Nith Enoal; N : hunting, the animals and the land
Additional: sacrifice

Kharis; N : dragons, the deep
Additional: ambition, below the earth, blood

Olbrorg; NG : trade/transactions, the passing of coins
Additional: inns and taverns, gambling, death

Jelthe Wywtia; N : knowledge, language
Additional: logic, education

Xireus; NG : fermentation, good cheer
Additional: wine, beer, spirits

Vuduin; NG : home and hearth, protection
Additional: travelers

Caipetor; N: messengers, trails (roads), civilization
Additional: secrets,



N’nie; CE : rage, destruction
Additional: the worst reaches of the emotions

Mo’az; NE (sometimes N) : rash anger, impetuous decisions, ignorance
Additional: blind-sightedness

Te-an; NE : darkness from the depths, the evil in all people
Additional: Jealousy

Belborys; NE : corruption, rot, decay of people or nature
Additional: pestilence, disease


Inheritance Zigadowa