Erua History

1737 Present year

1734 Xanladar leaves for the desert. He planned to find the roving Tiefling tribes/caravans and help them fight persecution, he also planned on establishing a roving city and to be a middle man for trade with the Arans. His current whereabouts are unknown. 

1731, Coldwind Reports begin arriving of bandits in or around the Wailing Rain Geysers. They later identify themselves as the Shyulls, and show signs of having high-technology. 

1731 The Empress negotiates treaties with the leaders of Teranq, leading to an influx of new products, and a new trade market. 

1725, 3rd of Duskfall Empress Deomina Ezkire ascends to the throne of Erua, after being ‘found’ five years prior she had been ‘in training’. Was a foot soldier in the War, but gained fame (or infamy) for negotiating a treaty with a demon for the safe return of over 300 soldiers. That demon later changed sides and fought against the Outsiders. 

1720 The years after the war are difficult, and relations between Erua and Teranq become tense. In contrary, relations with Avourel and Oenel have become stronger, mainly due to the freedom people feel they have after the war, commerce is booming.

1718, 21st of Moon’s Rise The emperor of Erua dies, year long mourning commences. After that year the search for the new ruler begins.

1718, 4th of Ambergleam The last true battle against the Outsiders. Later skirmishes were marked by the demons abandoning their posts and retreating. It is considered the end of the war.

1716, 24th of Moon’s Rise The city of Katalal pushes back the demons, beginning the win for the Eruans. Xanladar infiltrates the city and finds Deomina, negotiating a change of sides and information. He remains her faithful champion until 1734 when he leaves to wander the desert of Kamirth and guide tieflings seeking escape from persecution. Yazue dies in the battle of the City.

1715 Deomina Ezkire negotiates with the demon Xanladar, returning over 300 captured Eruans alive. She is credited with the single largest rescue of Eruan lives in the war.

1707 Teranq is drawn into the war when demons land on their shores. 

1703 Avourel and Oenel pledge their assistance to Erua in the Outsider War. 

1701-1718 Seventeen year war against invading demonic entities, known as the Outsider War. There were several battles that ended badly, and Erua and its allies were afraid of having to capitulate. However, the demonic forces troops began to lose momentum and eventually were pushed back. It was called the outsider war because of the number of angelic beings called down to fight the demons. The original provenance of the demons is unknown.

1689 Emperor Terseith Yelzeiros ascends to throne. He was greatly liked and was formerly a heroic adventurer. His reign lasts until the end of the Outsider War, dying from a plague that was spread to him by a demonic infiltrator. 

1535 The first (functional and flyable) air-machine is develped in Avourel and Oenel. It takes 100 years before it becomes a valid method of transport, another 60 before it is common in large trade ports in Erua. 

1401 The Goronian Magocracy is founded, the still reigning Dynasty is of the blood of Jehariel Caiyarus, a grand archmage, considered one if the most powerful wizards ever known. 

1212 Avourel and Oenel become joint states and have ruling council made up of rich and technologically powerful citizens. Laws are passed restricting anyone other than Gnomes or Halflings from being appointed to the council with anything less than a country saving action. 

1184 Contact with the Aran reestablished after almost 2000 years. However, due to their insectoid nature, Eruans treat them as little more than beasts.

781 The last of the M’elenaas dies. She was born shortly after the creation of the Eruan empire, believed to be the last true born M’elenaas. Her name was Halanaestra Keacaryn. With her death begins the slow overgrowing of the city of M’el. In present day there is less access to areas of the city, as even the most skilled Elnian cannot persuade the trees to grow in a city-like manner. 

0 Foundation of the Eruan empire. The first of the main Elnian (half-m’elenaas) civilization form a treaty between all the peoples on its mainland area, and the M’elenaas. The Eruan calendar that is developed becomes the common one for all the lands around.

-147 The alliance between the humans and the M’elenaas is formed after it is found that the M’elenaas were able to have children with humans.

-1043 First contact between the M’elenaas and the newly arrived humans. 

-2407 The necromancer lich-lord Moup curses the M’elenaas. They can almost never have children, worsening an already present problem. They search for a way to break or bypass this curse.

-5192 The M’elenaas civilization is at its peak, the city of M’el is fully grown.

Erua History

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